• Hydrofarm SunRise Reflector Hanging System

    Hydrofarm SunRise Reflector Hanging System

    Hang reflectors with our easy one flip adjusting light toggle. Adjust hanging height of the light as the plants grow taller. Makes control simple and efficient, so you get better growth. Features Maximize growth with proper light position Easiest...
  • Jumpstart light stand 4ft

    If you already own a 2' fluorescent fixture, make the most of it and other Jump Start garden gear with this 2' Jump Start stand (System sold separately). Features Ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers, and house plants Simple toggle clamp for easy...
  • Sky Hook Light Hanger

    Sky Hooks® are manufactured by the original Sun Grip® factory. Their proven reliability and ease of use has made them the leader in the Light Hanging category. Sky Hooks® are an economical version of the Sun Grips®, with a slightly...
  • Universal T5 Light Strip Hanger

    Universal T5 Light Strip Hanger

    This handy accessory from SunBlaster™ allows you to add up to seven T5's above your target area. Simply snap any size of T5 into one or all of the seven mounting banks included. More light made easy. Made to snap into your Universal T5 Stand, hang...