• Abundant Bloomsdale Spinach

    Delicious glossy, dark green leaves with the most savoyed texture we’ve seen! Thick, sweet tasting leaves with rounded shape and juicy, succulent texture. Slow growing with very large, upright leaves in the mild Pacific Northwest and slightly more...
  • Arugula micro greens 3 oz

    Arugula micro greens 3 oz

    The commercial standard with long green leaves and characteristic mildly spicy flavor. Germinates quickly and tolerates cold and hot temperatures well. Our strain has a mix of "cut" and "strap" leaf shapes when grown as baby leaf. Performs well as a...
  • Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

    ISEASE RESISTANCES:  DM, LD, TB Easy, early tender green leaves that withstand heat, drought and light frost. A highly adaptable lettuce for plantings throughout the season. Quickly produces a full-sized, bright green open head with...
  • Caribe Cilantro

    Dense bunches of aromatic dark green leaves on long-standing, bolt-tolerant plants. Compared to Santo, Caribe has a slightly thinner stem, higher vigor and seed emergence and better bolt tolerance in the field. A great choice for greenhouse growers,...
  • Genovese Basil

    Basil lovers unanimously recommend Genovese as the best variety for pesto! Plants are strong producers of dark green, glossy leaves with a characteristic spoon shape, exceptionally tender texture and distinctive sweet flavor excellent in sauces and...
  • Greek Oregano

    Excellent culinary oregano with pungent, mouth-watering fragrance and flavor. This is the traditional full-flavored oregano for pizzas and tomato sauces. Low-growing plants have slightly furry dark green leaves with white flowers. Easy to dry, just...
  • Green Chard Micro Greens 2 oz

    An easy winner for appearance and flavor in our trials. Broad white stems and midribs contrasting with deep green savoyed leaves make Fordhook a bestseller year after year. Large plants have very upright architecture with high yield potential, excellent...
  • Greensleeves Dill

    A compact, high yielding dill for leaf production. Slow to bolt; ideal for leaf production over a long harvest window. Excellent for market growers and planting in containers. Dark green leaves are aromatic and pleasingly sweet eaten fresh or dried...
  • Thyme

    Tiny aromatic leaves cover slender woody stalks ending in sweet white flowers. Makes a beautiful low-growing border along herb and flower beds, growing only 6-10" high. A versatile culinary staple. Our strain is hardy to Zone 4. 99M seeds/oz...