• Heavy Harvest Trim Tray

    Heavy Harvest Trim Tray

    The Most Comfortable, Ultra-Light, Laptop Trimming Surface.   The Trim Tray works excellent as an ultra-light trimming surface and pollen sifting collection device.  This dual-use tool has a 150-micron stainless steel...
  • Magical Butter

    Magical Butter

    The MagicalButter device is the world’s first countertop botanical extractor, designed for infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, alcohol, lotions, and more! Combining an immersion blender with a programmable thermostat...
  • The Butter Brewer

    The Butter Brewer

    The Butter Brewer features a removable non-stick four quart pot and a removable automated stirring paddle with presets for butter, oil, and tinctures. Its primary intended use is for making infusions, but it has the versatility to handle...