Measuring Devices

Measuring Devices

  • Hydrofarm Measuring Beaker

    Hydrofarm Measuring Beaker

    With so many choices in measuring instruments on the market, how do you choose? Select the item that gives you the most for your money, in an all-in-one, long-lasting product. Hydrofarm's heavy duty measuring beaker offers easy-to-read, permanent print...
  • Mini Measure Shot Glass

    Measure for measure, the Hydrofarm Mini Measure Shot Glass is ideal for home, lawn, garden, or kitchen. It features dishwasher safe construction, permanent markings, high visibility, and a heavy base to reduce tipping. Use the shot glass to measure...
  • Nutrient Hand Pump

    Pumps 30ml at a time. So if your constantly measuring out nutes, this will make it go much faster.