Hygrozyme 1 Liter

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Trusted Performance.
100% Guaranteed Results.


Provides a cleaner root zone

Accelerates breakdown of dead roots

Effective in all growing media & growth stages

Compatible with all nutrient & supplement programs

Supports beneficial microbes

Manufactured in a facility whose quality management is certified ISO 9001:2015


Hygrozyme Ingredients

Hygrozyme is a powerful blend of concentrated, beneficial enzymes that help plants grow better.

Hygrozyme contains 4 core enzymes: cellulase, xylanase, hemicellulase and beta-glucanase, which are complemented by additional hydrolytic enzymes. The ingredients in Hygrozyme are specifically designed to work at their maximum strength in the optimal hydroponic pH and temperature range.

Enzymes for Plant & Root Health

Since enzymes are specific in the reactions they catalyze, a diverse variety of enzymes must be present in the root zone to carry out all the different biochemical transformations required to break down the various components of the decaying plant material.

On that effect, only when the right type of enzyme finds the right substrate, does a biochemical reaction occur. This specific interaction between an enzyme and a substrate means you don’t have to worry about undesirable effects. For instance, when cellulase breaks down cellulose, that’s all that will happen. No other material or process will be altered or affected. That’s why it is important to have the right formula like Hygrozyme, designed specifically to get rid of the bad without affecting the good.

To ensure full satisfaction and 100% guaranteed results, Hygrozyme is manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 certified production facility.

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